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School provides transport facility with excellent, well maintained, beautifully painted buses with connectivity to all major areas as per government regulations. To ensure total safety of children, buses are driven by trained drivers who have minimum 5 to 10years of driving experience, Drivers go through counseling sessions to drive buses patiently, safely & remain cool in traffic jams. Teacher incharges and attendants monitor attendance & discipline. Students list with phone numbers and addresses is displayed in the bus. Drivers are provided with mobiles. A first aid box is also kept within reach to attend to any emergency. It is advisable to utilize school transport for the children, as it is reliable & consistent facility which promotes safe and healthy journey to school, it also helps in reducing car dependency & inconvenience to parents and also promotes the “GREEN CAUSE”. Reducing pollution our drivers always care for the safety of the children on board till they reach their destination.
Sno Name of the places
1 SR nagar
2 Ameerpet
3 Santha Nagar
4 Gayatri Hills
5 Kamalapuri colony
6 Punjagutta
7 Erra Manzil
8 BH Rd no 3
9 BH Rd no 5
10 BH Rd no 11
11 BH Rd no 10
12 BH Rd no 12
13 MLA Colony
Sno Name of the places 
1 Ringroad  
2 Khader bagh
3 Caravan
4 Jyothi Nagar
5 Mehdipatnam
6 St. Anns College(Mptnm)
7 Humayun Nagar
8 First lancer
9 Masab Tank
Sno Name of the places
1 Yakutpura
2 Dabeerpura
3 Chanchalguda
4 Narayanguda
5 Old Malakpet
6 Domalguda
7 Kurmaguda
8 Edi Bazar
Sno Name of the places 
1 Fazal Hospital (Muradnagar)
2 Murad Nagar
3 Zeba Bagh
4 Vijay Nagar
5 Asif Nagar
6 Firdous Masjid (Asif Nagar)
7 Mallepally
8 Habeeb Nagar
9 Aghapura
10 Bazarghat
Sno Name of the places
1 Moghalpura
2 Hussaini Alam
3 Baragalli
4 Doodhbowli
5 Baradari
6 Bahadurpura
7 Zoopark
8 Kishanbagh
9 Ekminar Masjid (Nampally)
Sno Name of the places 
1 Sadat Nagar
2 Golconda
3 Qutub Shahi tombs
4 Seven tombs
5 Samata Colony
6 Aziz Bagh
7 Aditya Colony
8 AS cly
9 Janaki Nagar
10 Toli Chowki
11 Salarjung colony
12 Dilshad Nagar
13 Ayodhya Nagar
14 Mehdipatnam
15 Masab Tank

MEALS - Our Culinary Program

Well balanced diet & nutrition has an impact on both cognitive and spatial memory and capacity, potentially increasing students potential to process & retain academic information. Health & nutrition have been proven to have close links with over all educational success. Better nourished children perform significantly well. At Springfields midday meal program has been designed by a team of nutritionist & dieticians and consequently a balanced diet of delicious & nutritious meal is served to the students & staff. Food is prepared hygienically in boilers & care is taken to preserve nutrients. Special care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Nutritious well planned, satiating mixed cuisines are prepared by in-house catering department & trained in-house chef. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian menu includes seasonal fruits, salads & sweets. Crockery & Cutlery is constantly sterilized under the supervision of Teacher-In charge. Here children learn table manners and learn to eat different kinds of food together under the guidance of their teachers.
  • Dalcha, Bagara Khana and Benies
  • Veg Haleem
  • Bagare Baigan, plain rice and khadi dal
  • Chole, bun and Plain rice with gobi fry
  • Naan , Khorma (Veg)
  • Chicken Biryani with Raita
  • Khatti dal, plain rice and Aloo methi
  • Bread Pakoda with Khatti meethi Chutney
  • Paneer butter masala and Zeera Rice
  • Rajma, plain rice with cabbage 65

  • Dahi ki Kadhi (Boondi) , plain rice with same methi
  • Chicken Korma with plain rice
  • Palak Dal, plain rice with Aloo fry
  • Khichdi with til phalli chutney (murkul)
  • Veg Biryani with Raita
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Tamarind Rice with Aloo curry
  • Butter Chicken with plain rice
  • Sambar, plain rice with Aloo 65
  • Tomato Rice with Aloo curry (Coconut Chutney)
  • Chilly Chicken, Dal and plain rice
  • Malai Kofta with Bagara Rice
  • Khubuli with Raita
  • Dal, Plain rice with Bhendi fry
  • Veg Pulao with masala curry
  • Peas Pulao with masala curry or Tomato cut and boiled eggs
  • Plain rice with capsicum curry
  • Idli Sambhar
  • Plain rice with tomato methi and khatti dal
  • Drumstick kadhi with Aloo muttar Capsicum curry
  • Rumali Roti & Butter Chicken
  • Fried Rice

  • Plain rice with egg curry
  • Upma with til ki chutney
  • Aloo mattar Tahri with Dahi ki chutney
  • Zeera rice with paneer Masala
  • Plain rice with aloo ka khorma
  • Plain rice with dahi ki kadi and kheema
  • Plain rice with khatti dal, aloo gobi and mattar masala
  • Lemon rice and coconut chutney
  • Plain rice, bhendi ki kadi and mixed veg curry
  • Corn rice with tomato chutney
  • Bambino