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Spring Fields School  
Springfields Schools run under the management of Hyderabad Educational Academy, a registered society, has been setup
Springfields School, established in 1991, is a coeducational day school, secular in character admissions open to all,



I love my Almamater

Remembering my school days is like traveling down my memory lane and bringing a big smile on my face with a few traces of tears in my eyes. It was a great experience being here. In these 10 years I’ve learnt many things. When I turn around and look back, I notice how time changes and how life keeps moving without a pause.
People come...
People go...
We laugh...
we cry...
Some really low movements, some really high...
Life is so beautiful in its own way, school life was always fun filled with excitement These ten years of my life were truly awesome!!!

Springfields School, as the name suggests is a beautiful garden field with colorful blossoming buds, who are being nurtured carefully by most talented teachers-into beautiful flowers. In this wonderful school of mine, I learnt to write, to play and to fly like a free bird. This school ahs taught me good behavior; good manners which Im going to carry with me throughout my life. Apart fro reading, writing and learning skills I’ve learnt problem handling skills and stress management through this school.

And now I can sense the changes in me-right from my first day in this school till now...

In these 10 years I’ve interacted with really great personalities. I wouldn’t name all of them here as there are so many that the list may run into ages...but yes I would name the very special persons like my Principal Asma Subhana Mam - she is a lady with great moral values. She gave us enough courage to do worldly things as well as religious and spiritual things. And I’ll always remember her for two potent words “ME FIRST”, and “YES I CAN DO IT” and try to implement them. Humera Mam -a lady of principles. I’m very much influenced by her personality. Bashiruddin Babukhan Sir- the founder of our school is the most incredible man I’ve ever seen in my life. As I said apart from them I’ve met many, who contributed in my life in one way or the other. This was an addition to my learning and also helped me become better individual. I’m really going to miss my beautiful, excellent and talented teachers and I’d like to conclude that it is axiomatic that every child who has experienced his school life in this super excellent school will always succeed in his future.

...Jibran Anwar (X B)


  • Stands my school at a lovely site
  • It is of enormous breadth and height
  • Spreading into all the hearts, the Islamic light
  • Flourishing and grooming students to be excellent and bright
  • The Principal here is so vivacious and bold
  • Who shines around more than gold?
  • She is extremely majestic, wise and noble,
  • She was, is and will be our role model
  • There we’ve got such enthusiastic and fun loving teachers,
  • Who are responsible to brighten up our future
  • They blossom the buds of the garden of springfields
  • Moulding and nourishing and removing all the weeds
  • Here teachers are more like a guide and a friend
  • Who we can never forget till the end
  • They make the school feel so homely
  • And that’s the reason no one here feels so lonely
  • We, the springfielders are going to rule
  • Because we are confident, ambitious and so cool
  • To my school, a family is all I consider
  • Lastly, I conclude that I am “proud to be a springfielder”.
...Ameena Hafsa (IXA)