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Spring Fields School  
Academics Beyond Academics Admissions
Registration and Admissions commence in December. The minimum age for admission to Nursery is 2 years 6 months, 3 year 3months for Lower KG, 4 plus for Upper KG, 5 plus for Class I and so on.
Our staff is our asset. They are fundamental to our vision. They are employed for their enriching, loving approach to children, in addition to formal qualifications, professional abilities - and sense of fun! Moreover, they are trained intensively through our in-service teacher training programs by luminaries in the field of early childhood education.

Pioneer in Brain Compatible Learning and Multiple Intelligence.

A child’s mind, particularly in its formative years, is tender and receptive.

These words constitute the motivating impulse at Springfields Kids

It is like a fertile field, ready to spring forth. It is essential to cultivate such fields with great care for sustained growth. The school strives to provide the most appropriate atmosphere and inputs for the minds of the children, so that they have the opportunity to blossom - and yield fruit.

Every effort is made to bring out the best in every child. The school provides a stimulating environment for children and encourages learning through active participation and interactive methods. All activities at school are made interesting and enjoyable in order to make learning a very stimulating and fun filled experience. In the act of learning, the child should have the opportunity to look at everything around him and interact with everything; the colours, the shapes, the smells, and the sounds in this marvellously rich and diverse world of ours.

We provide an environment that encourages active learning through methods that challenge and stimulate child development.

Childhood is a time when every element of nature holds wonders... Every minute of the day is about something meaningful... Every tomorrow holds a new hope.

A world without boundaries, abounding in surprises. Where children live closely with trees, rocks, flowers and water in their natural setting. Play and learn together in teams with deep concentration that is imbibed rather than forced. Where children understand and acquire the values of honesty, team spirit, integrity, responsibility and above all compassion.

Learning can be so much fun...

Room to grow and learn; Classrooms that are filled with learning material, that is fun and enriching.

Outdoor Play scapes

Lots of play equipment encourages children to explore and develop valuable social skills.

Great Beginnings

Every fun-filled day, your child experiences the joy of learning. Learning that is meant to last a lifetime!

Tots Program: Playgroup & Nursery

The child’s first three years are critical for the development of the brain and language. During this period, the child’s life experience plays a fundamental role in the hard - wiring of the brain, laying the foundation for all intellectual and emotional development to follow. Our program emphasizes the importance of positive, supportive interactions between our teachers and your child. Our teachers sing, read, and talk to your child to help him or her with this critical development. Age - appropriate activities promote cognitive and social development in a warm, nurturing environment. The programs bring together a balanced learning environment where children are challenged to explore the many wonders of the marvellous world around them.


Childhood is an adventure of exploration and new experiences. Offering your children a variety of different experiences is an effective method of promoting interest in healthy activities. Our co-curricular classes are fun and a source of learning for children about themselves and what they can do in their world. These enjoyable activities for young children support learning and are developmental appropriate.

At Springfields Kids every activity is an opportunity to experiment ... to think creatively. Our teachers strive to tickle the curiosity of children. Our environment exposes fertile minds to mental stimulation, nimble bodies to healthy quests.

An institution full of stimulating pursuits. Where students are awakened to multifarious interests by igniting the imagination and helping them discover the world they live in.

Where children acquire Multiple Intelligence by a specialized curriculum and teachers are committed to cultivating primary greatness of children, making them more self - reliant and confident to survive in a globally competitive world.